Inspirational and Touching

As many of you know, WifeGeeding tutors part time at a nearby Sylvan Learning Center.  It’s a place where parents send their children (K-12) to help them in their studies; and WifeGeeding usually tutors elementary kids, except a few weeks ago she tutored a 44 year old man in learning how to multiply and divide fractions.  His goal was to get his GED and then hopefully get into college.  He’s great with the kids that are in his group and the staff loves him as well. 

I’ve heard of some great stories about seniors citizens that to go back to college and high school, but this is the first I have heard of someone paying and attending a tutoring facility and humbly subjecting himself in the culture known as adolescence.   

Today was his last day as he completed all his learning objectives.  He took the time to thank every staff person that helped him and gave them a bottle of wine.  WifeGeeding was a recipient of one of those bottles even though she only helped him once.

The world needs to hear more stories like this, which is the reason for the post.  Here’s hoping the gentleman achieves his goal and inspires others.

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