I love me some Donald Miller

donalmillerf.jpgChristian author has problem with conservativesORLANDO, Florida (AP) — Donald Miller still loves God and Jesus. Don’t misunderstand him.
His problem is with Christianity, at least how it’s often practiced.

“It’s a dangerous term so I try to avoid it,” said Miller, who considered giving up his career as a Christian writer and leaving the church in 2003 because he couldn’t attend services without getting angry.

For him, the word conjured up conservative politics, suburban consumerism and an “insensitivity to people who aren’t like us.”

To quell his rage, he sat in his boxer shorts and banged out a memoir of his experiences with God, stripped of the trappings of religion.

blukikjazz.jpg“Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality” sold just enough to pay a few months rent. Then five years later, spurred by a grass-roots movement of 20-something Christians longing to connect to God without ties to the religious right, the book became a sudden hit.

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I absolutely loved reading that book, and this comes from someone that absolutely hates reading.  It really helped draw me closer to Christ in ways I didn’t think quite possible and gave me a buch broader perspecitive on things.

I almost want to go on record saying he’s my favorite author, but since he doesn’t read my blog and author Margaret Feinberg does . . . that distinction has to go to her.

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3 Responses to I love me some Donald Miller

  1. littlepastor says:

    Read his other books yet?

    BLJazz is my favorite ‘give-away’ book; and is totally easy to read for a non-reader!

  2. Nathan S. says:

    Sounds good… gonna order it and check it out.

  3. HeyJules says:

    My Pastor recommended that book to me shortly after I joined my church a few years ago. It instantly moved him from being a religious figure in my life to being “a really cool guy.”

    What a great book. I couldn’t get enough of it and read it through three times.

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