Huckabee Defends Church Fundraising

What surprises me the most about this article is that Fort Worth has a suburb called Newark.  I lived in this area all my life and have never known about that suburb.

Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee says he did nothing improper by holding a political fundraiser in a Texas televangelist’s church sanctuary last week.

The event, which coincided with Kenneth Copeland’s annual Ministers’ Conference, was held at Eagle Mountain International Church in the Fort Worth suburb of Newark. Preachers from around the country who had gathered in the sanctuary for the religious event stayed for Huckabee fundraiser.

“I made a phone call in and just said hello to them, called in on a speaker phone, said hi and encouraged them, you know. And that was it,” the former Arkansas governor said Tuesday during an interview outside a Tampa polling place. “They told me there was over a thousand of them there. I’m not sure how many because I couldn’t see them. I could only hear them on the phone.” The Trinity Foundation, a Dallas nonprofit that monitors televangelists, says the fundraiser produced $ 111, 000 in donations and about $ 1 million in pledges, but Huckabee said he doesn’t know how much was raised.

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  1. Awesometown says:

    Feel free to ask your good friend Barry about Newark. I think the term “suburb” is a stretch, but it is in Wise County and borders Eagle Mountain Lake.

  2. noevadeaux says:

    Kenneth Copeland needs to have his tax exempt status pulled. He’s one of the biggest scam artists around. Go to Barry’s blog and search Kenneth Copeland and you’ll find a couple of pictures and lots of comments.

  3. I am not sure how anyone can even insinuate that Huckabee acted in apropriatly? and at this time it has proven to be a mute point 🙂



  4. Huckabee Defends Church Fundraising – Only makes sense to me

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