Creepy Trial

Jury hears poisoned wife’s letter from the grave

A dead woman wanted authorities to investigate her spouse if anything happened to her, according to a letter read to jurors Monday during opening statements at her husband’s murder trial.

Julie C. Jensen and her husband, Mark D. Jensen, smile for the camera in an undated family photo.

Mark Jensen, 48, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Julie Jensen, who was found dead of poisoning in 1998 at her home in Pleasant Prairie.

“I pray that I am wrong and nothing happens, but I am suspicious of Mark’s suspicious behaviors and fear for my early demise,” Julie Jensen said in the letter read in court by Special Prosecutor Robert Jambois.

She had given the letter to a neighbor and told him to give it to police if anything happened to her.

Mark Jensen was charged with first-degree murder in 2002, but legal wrangling over evidence delayed the trial until now.

His lawyers were to make opening statements after Jambois. They claim the 40-year-old woman was depressed and disturbed and poisoned herself to frame her cheating husband.


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