Conclusion: Christmas Card Experiment 2.1 – Your chance to help fight lupus

With the holiday season come and gone, now is the time for me to give my readers a tally of the BagOfNothing Christmas Card Experiment 2.1. 

Last year was the first year I decided to post my mailing address to see who would send me a Christmas card and I received a total of 24 cards: 10 from Texas, two from New York, and one from each of the following states: Ohio, Indiana, California, Colorado, Oregon, Florida, Michigan, and Minnesota.  I also received four from out of the U.S. – one from Germany and three from Canada.

This year I intended on creating a bit of a gimmick to get Christmas cards by offering a chance to win $50 (version 2.0), but several of you had a better idea of raising money for charity, perhaps something in honor for my mother.  So I decided to donate a dollar for each card sent to me (up to $50) and offering my readers a chance to donate either by donating funds directly to the Lupus Research Institute and having an acknowledgement sent to me or including a donation with their Christmas card (version 2.1).

This year I received a total of 23 cards: 12 cards from Texas, two cards from NY, and one from North Carolina, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Louisiana, New Mexico, Colorado, Canada, and Italy.  

Inside the cards were donations for Lupus Research which totaled $96.50.  There were also two online donations of which I do not know the amount; and I know I mentioned I would donate a dollar a card, but I’m going to donate $50 I intended to give away.  So that means readers help raise over $146.50 for lupus research!  Heck, I’m going to chip in a little more to round it off and make it a $150 donation.

Thank you for visiting this silly website.
Thank you for the Christmas cards.
And thank you for your donations to help fight lupus.

This blogger is very humbled and thankful.

Grace and Peace,


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