Club Worship


Experience it! This generation uniting for one purpose, to praise and worship Jesus Christ. We spin the most kickin’ worship tunes in all sorts of club genres with an over the top sound and lighting rig. It’s a worship experience like no other…

Praise and worship in a club environment. We fill the room with bass, moving lights, and anyone with like mind who is ready to kick it. Spinning the best in Urban hip hop and electronic worship music.

What should I expect?

Mostly teens and 20 somethings, although everyone is welcome. Along with the songs, we intermingle scripture, prayer, and brief stories from our lives to help you connect with the message of the songs. We try to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and let Him guide the night the way He wants it to go…

“God is really in this place.”


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2 Responses to Club Worship

  1. Paul says:

    We had a dude scratching this weekend. I think if we had to start over, we’d do DJ-led worship. It rocks.


  2. Doug says:

    I DJ’ed my way through college at Bostock’s in Stephenville and it wasn’t until I graduated and got on with my life that I realized, everyone wants to DJ! What is that about? I mean everyone thinks they can play the music that can make the party go.

    Uhhh, then once you spin, you suddenly realize you can’t please everyone all the time and you can’t play everyones request. It was fun. Kept me out of trouble, working every night. But brother, I’m glad that is over!

    As far spinning in church? If you can bring Christ to someone “where they live”, in a biblical way, do it.

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