Black Dog Syndrome

Black dogs are commonly the last, if at all, to be adopted. Destined for death in many shelters they are passed up for whatever the reason:

1) Harmful Superstitions
2) Negative Labels
3) Fear
4) Just too ordinary
5) Over heat quicker in outdoor sport competitions



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3 Responses to Black Dog Syndrome

  1. mzchief says:

    Every dog I have had has been black. When I was a child my family had two black standard poodles for 17 years. I had a black Scottie for 12 years. My black Labrador of 16 years passed last year. However, I still have a 9 year old black Pomeranian. I have never thought of black dogs as anything but the most beautiful of their breed. The coats of black dogs are always the shiniest and tend to be the thickest. I also tend to wear dark coloured clothing and should I ever have a dog’s hair on me it does not really stand out as much as any other colour, bit of fur.

  2. Doug says:

    Let me use this forum to ask anyone interested in adopting a pet to seek out their local rescue groups prior to visiting breeders. We certainly have more than enough animals seeking homes without breeding. If you ever go volunteer at your local Humane Society you will see a bunch of purebred dogs as well as mutts killed each day due to lack of homes.

    Here’s hoping everyone seeking a pet finds one as good as my big ole black lab.

  3. maddisen says:

    these dogs are so preaches

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