81-year-old feels shorted on toilet paper

The way Leo Hill figures it, every roll of toilet paper he’s used since mid-2006 has shorted him at least one sitting. That’s a lot of tissue.

Acting on an idea from his wife, Doris, the 81-year-old former maintenance worker set out to settle a problem.

“She complained that a roll in the 12-pack would last just three days and the same size in the four-roll pack lasted four,” Hill explained. “I wanted to find out.”

Hill figured he had the time, since there wasn’t much else to do but read or stare at the shower curtain. So he counted every sheet of toilet paper as he used it.

It wasn’t for any other reason, he said, than to know if the number of sheets noted on the package matched what was on the roll.

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  1. dan says:

    Sounds like Leo’s living a busy, fulfilling retirement.

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