What’s Currently Annoying Me

drrobertjarvik709327.jpgFor some reason I just can’t dodge those Lipitor commercials with Dr Robert Jarvik – you know, he’s the inventor of the Jarvik Artificial Heart.  We all know that because every Lipitor commercial tells us he’s the inventor of the Jarvik Artificial Heart.  And I’m no medical expert, but wasn’t the artificial heart not all that successful?

I did a little research on the guy, and I was not aware:

  • That’ he’s married to Parade magazine’s Marilyn vos Savant – you know, the really smart lady.
  • His grades weren’t good enought to get into a medical school in the U.S. – so he went to a medical school in Italy for two years.
  • Even though he did receive his M.D. from the University of Utah, he never completed his residency and has never been licensed to practice medicine.

I’m also surprised with our advances in medical technology that there isn’t a smaller more portable artificial heart that runs on a nine volt battery.


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4 Responses to What’s Currently Annoying Me

  1. Dan says:

    Thanks for the intel. These commercials are annoying to me also and Jarvik’s background (or lack of it) is very interesting. I now remember Barney Clark and the ordeal they put him through as their guinea pig. It was like some sort of grotesque Nazi experiment. The future of heart replacements will be with stem cells on not plastics. Jarvik should transition to heliocopter cars

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