Random Political Prediction

I have a feeling Mike Huckabee will win the Republican nomination.  He seems to be relating very well with the evangelical Christian crowd who hasn’t really decided who they are going to support; and I think once they realize his stance on abortion and marriage he’ll be propelled to the front.  Huckabee has been speaking at many churches as of late, so I think his message is getting out.

And if he does win the Republican nomination, that would put him against the former First Lady of Arkansas, Hillary.

And if he were to win, that would make Hope, Arkansas the birthplace to two U.S. Presidents and two governors.  Not bad for a town of a little over 10,000.


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4 Responses to Random Political Prediction

  1. Doug says:

    I drive through Hope, usually once a month. And based on the general population I’ve encountered…well this post is just scary.

  2. Rev. Hart says:

    I like Huckabee. He’s funny, he seems to love Jesus genuinely. Even though he’s a Republican and confused about how the world operates, I like him anyway. If he were a Democrat or Independant, and if had a decent Clintonian ecomonic policy and a desire for a humble U.S. world posture, I might even want to vote for him.

  3. Patrick says:

    GO FRED!

  4. C-N-C says:


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