Little spider-man saves a baby from a fire

brazilspdrman1.jpgA boy called Riquelme Wesley dos Santos, saved a baby Andriele , 1 year old, from a fire , last Thursday , in Palmeira, Santa Catarina State. Riquelme, wearing spider-man’s clothes enter over the fires, caught the baby from her crib and get out without any injuries, and is now a national celebrity.” No one could do that, the fire was very intense”, said the baby’s mom amazed with the fact. Many Brazilians expressed interest on sending an award for the5 years old Spiderman, but he refused any money so far. The local Chief of the Fire department said in a press conference; this boy had brave attitude, everyone is amazed, but no one should try ever doing that again, Riquelme exposed himself a high level of risk.


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