I don’t understand

For the latest BON Current Poll I wanted to know where my readers worship.  It’s always a bit a struggle creating one of these polls because I like to create one which readers can enter in their own answers in case I left one out, not to mention, sometimes the added entries crack me up.  So in creating this current poll I decided to list all the major places of worship I think my blog attracts such as Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, LDS, and Non-Denominational.  I also thought I would include the option “I do not go to church” for those that simply do not attend church, and of course still leave the option of adding an answer in case someone wanted to add in Synagogue or something else.

So when I look at two of the answers that readers created I can’t help but scratch my head:

  • I worship in my own way. No church that supports my views.1: 5% (1)
  • Don’t need a church to worship your own “Higher Power”. You can do it anywhere, 24/7.1: 5% (1)

Doesn’t these two answers obviously go under the “I do not go to church” category?  I don’t get it.

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6 Responses to I don’t understand

  1. amanda says:

    you left off Church Of Christ which in my experience are the most elitist denomination. My husband and I have a ton of CoC friends and you’d think we went to a orgy loving, drug supporting, porn-pushing church by the way they look down upon us. There is only one way into heaven and by golly, that’s the CoC way!

  2. Geeding says:

    You are absolutely correct, Amanda, I left off COC by mistake, which surprises me since I use to attend a worship service at Abilene Christian University. You would have thought I would have remembered them. But anyone can add COC to the list of options. I just don’t get those two answers that were added.

  3. syr says:

    I would think it is because people feel if they put “do not go to church”, others would think they do not worship. They do not want people to think that.

  4. Andy says:

    As the contributer of one of your other answers I thought about putting I do not go to church. But to me that answer implies that I do not and would not go. If there was a group of people I could connect with that held simialr views I would probably do it.

  5. amanda says:

    I have two friends that attend a Unitarian church. As they put it, “it’s a place where hippies, non-conformists and the like can hang out with out the pressures and phone calls.” They both never felt comfortable in any denomination worship service so this is really great for them. I’m still doing my own research on it though.

  6. Doug says:

    Well there is a bit of a disconnect between the question and the answers you originally provided. I don’t mean to nit pick but the question “Where do you worship?” should have had answers like Baptist Church, Methodist Church, etc.

    That said, I’m really going to muddy the waters. The place I worship most frequently is in my truck, on the way to work each morning. I leave the radio off until I get to a certain intersection after which I fire up the Musers.

    You know I go to Fellowship which is Baptist but what would people have thought if I had added “Ford F150”. That makes me wonder…what denomination is my truck? 🙂

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