Greatest Dallas Cowboy?

Of all the men to wear the uniform, which one player stands above all the rest? FOX 4 puts the question out to fans across Texas to debate and decide, “Who’s No. 1, the greatest Cowboy ever?”


The countdown started on Monday, and so far #10 is Don Meredith and #9 is Mel Renfro.  You can watch the list on KDFW Fox 4 around 9:50 PM. 

This certainly does make for some interesting debate.

Currently there are 12 players in the Ring of Honor.  I wonder if someone not in the Ring of Honor will make their list?

I think the most obvious choice for #1 is Roger Staubach, but I wonder if they will trick up the list to draw some controversy?


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2 Responses to Greatest Dallas Cowboy?

  1. Doug says:

    It has to depend on your age. Roger was my hero but my late sainted mother would vote for Don Meredith in a heartbeat. In fact, I vote for Don Meredith in her honor. Plus, Dandy Don was a staple for years after on Monday Night Football. Roger the dodger faded into the real estate landscape.

  2. noevadeaux says:

    Roger gets my vote. We were fortunate enough to have been at THAT Thanksgiving Game, y’all remember, the one they were way behind in until the very end. It was the one and only Cowboy’s game I have ever been to because some friends invited us – we got to sit on the 50 yard line. It was freaking cold; we dressed warm, had blankets, etc., but I was getting miserable, and it was a miserable game. Our friends even gave up – his snuck-in flask of brandy had run dry – he was nice enough to share, and when he asked if we were ready to leave, we gladly said yes. So we started trudging up the stairs to the exit behind all the other fans who had given up. We got to the mezzanine, and heard over the loud speakers – TOUCHDOWN. And as we kept walking out to the car, we heard another TOUCHDOWN, and as we were driving off, we heard on the radio, TOUCHDOWN and the Boys won. That was the only, (and one of the most exciting Cowboys game in their history) that I was at that I didn’t get to see the end of. What fond memories – RIP Bill – thanks for inviting us! It makes us laugh every time we think about it – and I don’t ever give up on the Cowboys since I was at that game! And it has helped me to remember to never give up on anything. Thanks, Roger!

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