Get Married. Guaranteed!

“He even guarantees that you will be engaged within 18-months…”

Dallas, Texas ( November 12, 2007 – Romance Coach, Justin Luyt has launched a brand new exciting service for men who seek to find their soul mate abroad – it is called Get Married. Guaranteed!

“Many men want to find their love in countries like Russian, Ukraine and other East Block countries, but they do not have all the facts about what it all will take or where to start.” says Justin Luyt, Romance Coach and Author of The Spirit of Romance”.

Luyt developed a new program called Get Married. Guaranteed! In this program clients enroll in a coaching program ($299/month) where they have one-on-one facilitation with Justin every week. As a Romance Coach, Luyt coaches his clients through the process to find a loving wife abroad, courting her, cultural differences, the immigration process as well as the transition period once they are together. He even guarantees that you will be engaged within 18-months or he will coach you until you are.

Additionally Luyt says: “The types of clients I love to work with are men who know that they want. I love to work with men who want to build a family and love a woman wholeheartedly. These men tend to be great husbands and for Russian women this quality is very beautiful”.

A free introduction is offered to all men interested in finding their soul mate in Russia or the Ukraine. Luyt offers a TeleClass every Wednesday at 9 PM EST and people can register for this class at

For further information you can contact us at 817-692-9403 or simply visit .



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  1. z says:

    What about all the ugly ones? Don’t they deserve to get married too?

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