Doctor, why don’t football players wee-wee after a game?

That question is responsible for the creation of Gatorade, whose invertor died today at the age of 80.


Which in turn made a lot of people want to be like Mike, which helped make Mike a very very rich man.

And if you notice, it looks like that Gatorade bottle is made out of glass. I can’t remember when they made the switch to plastic, but I do recall that one day my brother wanted to chill his Gatorade quickly and put in in the freezer, which he forgot about. Later in the day I was finishing my dinner and chewing some ice – where I found a chunck of glass in my mouth. No worries, no damage done, but the Gatorade froze and expanded, thus breaking the glass leaving broken pieces of glass falling into the automatic ice maker located in the freezer. Dad wasn’t happy. I think that was my first brush with death.

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