Daughter finds father’s grave empty

A lawsuit has been filed against a South Florida cemetery and its parent company after a woman learned that remains belonging to her 68-year-old father are missing.

Ondina Guerra’s father, Miguel Toledo, passed away 17 years ago. He and his wife planned to be buried together in the same plot and specified those wishes in their pre-need burial contract with the cemetery at 14200 SW 117th Ave.

When Ondina Toledo passed away two weeks ago at the age of 81, family members were horrified to learned Miguel Toledo’s remains were missing from the plot.

The cemetary became well-known in 2001 when it was discovered that employees at two of its Menorah Gardens Cemeteries in Broward and Palm Beach counties routinely buried bodies in the wrong places, broke open vaults to squeeze in more burials and scattered bones into a nearby maintenance yard. In 2003, the company reached a $100 million settlement with plaintiffs who had filed a class-action lawsuit.

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