Baptists expel church over gay stance

Delegates to the annual meeting of the N.C. Baptist State Convention voted overwhelmingly this morning to expel Charlotte’s Myers Park Baptist for welcoming gays and lesbians without trying to change them.

The liberal church of 1,970 members became the first to be kicked out under rules passed at last year’s meeting that said any Baptist church that affirmed or endorsed homosexual behavior would be considered “not in friendly cooperation with the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina.”

The vote by the nearly 3,000 delegates, or “messengers,” came after two leaders of Myers Park Baptist called on them to open their hearts to homosexuals who want to worship with them and to respect local Baptist churches’ autonomy in interpreting the Bible.

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3 Responses to Baptists expel church over gay stance

  1. Doug says:

    It’s a dead link Keith. But I don’t need to read any more. This topic makes me crazy. I’m a straight conservative Christian with some hot opinions here. Caution: sarcasm warning ahead.

    I suppose the delegation doesn’t want sinners at their convention. Or perhaps this delegation knows something we don’t know. Maybe God ranks the sins and just maybe being gay or lesbian is much worse than being just a plain old straight adultorer.

  2. paul says:

    this is just as bad as saying someone’s color is going to rub off on you if you get too close…wtf…what is the church coming to? whatever happened to “amazing grace”…which i am sure they sing aloud every sunday in their hearty baptist voices.

  3. amanda says:

    Here, Here Doug. I totally agree. When did the church of any denomination start ranking the sins of man in accordance with God’s love? Oh that’s right, when we started voting based upon someone’s belief’s, and whether or not they support gay marriage and abortion. I don’t have a single friend that cares about any presidential candidates stance on “issues” other than abortion and gay marriage? Why? Because politics has thrown those two issues to the forefront of what we call good candidate and bad candidate.
    I always wonder how my church would respond if an openly gay couple came to worship on a consistent basis? I hope they would embrace them the way Jesus would: with open arms and brotherly love.

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