Christmas Card Experiment 2.0 – Your chance to win $50

Last year I posted my mailing address to see if anyone would send me a Christmas card.  The result was about 25 responses (one in which arrived in July) and one awesome Dallas Cowboys floormat from my biggest fan in Louisiana.  Ten cards came from my native Texas, 10 came from out of state, and four cards were from outside of the U.S.

This year I thought I would post my address again but change things up a little.  For each card sent to Geeding Manor, a dollar (up to $50) is put in a pot.  Sometime during the week after Christmas I will put all the cards in a barrel and choose one randomly – the person that sent that card will have $50 sent to him or her.

So if you would like to send me a Christmas card you can do so at this address.  Just be sure to address it to Keith “BagOfNothing” Geeding so I know it comes from a reader and not the dentist or plumber.

EDIT:  Some of my readers were nice enough to email me and state that this contest might be illegal and maybe the proceeds should go to charity.  I’m not one to want to break any laws and that charity thing sounds like a good idea.  So right now I’m going to do some research before I come to a conclusion, and if anyone out there has any knowledge about this sort of stuff, please contact me.

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5 Responses to Christmas Card Experiment 2.0 – Your chance to win $50

  1. Roland says:

    Keith, It may be to late to change, but maybe the money could be contributed to a charity…..

  2. amanda says:

    I think each person who is sending you a card should put in $1 and you can match it if you want to….that money should go to a charity of your choice or maybe even a scholarship in honor of your mom. Use the money to sponsor a less fortunate family this year? Just a thought. You could ask Liberally Lean and some others to join you to see what the outcome is. People are always up for a challenge.

  3. Barry Green says:

    I don’t think your original proposition is illegal at all. But the charity aspect might be a nice touch.

  4. moldlikeshimsomegeeding says:

    I second the scholarship idea in honor of mom, or even a donation to the foundation…

    but i have to say the competitive side of me wanted the 50 bucks at first.

  5. MToots says:

    I agree with the idea of doing such in memory of your mom. This would even encourage me to “solicit” readers for BON to see if we could “enlarge our territory”.

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