Traffic signs offer humor with a message

Oak Lawn’s mayor hopes drivers who won’t obey a stop sign will at least hit the brakes for a stop sign gag.

Workers in Mayor Dave Heilmann’s southwest suburb on Friday began installing new red signs beneath existing stop signs to enhance the original message.

Won’t stop for a traditional sign? What if Diana Ross, in a way, pleads with you?

“STOP,” reads one. “IN THE NAAME OF LOVE.”

Or how about John Wayne?


There are 16 messages on 40 sign posts. Each is the brainchild of first-term mayor Heilmann, a lawyer and former improv actor who created the signs in response to residents’ complaints of blown stop signs.

“I was trying to get people’s attention,” said Heilmann, 44. “And I’m a little sarcastic by nature, so I thought, let’s give this a shot. . . . I think people in government are so serious. I think we need to laugh once in a while.”

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