The Cliffhanger is gone

The Cliffhanger was the old name for the “Wildcatter” ride at Six Flags Over Texas.  I can remember when it first opened in the 80’s and I would have thought that ride would have stayed around forever.

I never got on it because when I was a kid, I heard there was a death associated with it, something about the brakes not working, but I don’t know if that is true.

Article 1  – This one tests the ‘penny theory.’

Article 2

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One Response to The Cliffhanger is gone

  1. BSG says:

    There really hasn’t been much fanfare over the demolition of the ride, but I really loved it. Scared the absolute heck out of me the five or six times I road it.

    And the rumor of the death? Sheesh. That so rings a bell. Maybe it’s a “repressed memory”, but I can’t be sure it’s true.

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