Seahawks Soda


IF YOU THINK you’re tough enough to play in the NFL, then you’d better step up and have a little taste of what NFL players experience throughout their entire careers.

NFL players have:

• Spent an average of 2 years in the gym.
  • Perspired 10,000 gallons of sweat.
  • Eaten 2 pounds of grass.
  • Tasted 3 pounds of dirt.
  • And spread over 5 gallons of sports cream on their muscle aches.

So Jones Soda created this Limited Edition Seahawks Collector Pack as a tribute to the Seattle Seahawks and a little taste of what it’s like to be in the NFL. If you can get through it all, only then can you taste SWEET VICTORY.


Natural Field Turf Soda
(featuring Josh Brown)

Sports Cream Soda
(featuring Matt Hasselbeck)

Perspiration Soda
(featuring Deion Branch)

Dirt Soda
(featuring Lofa Tatupu)

Sweet Victory Soda
(featuring Walter Jones)


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