Romo Press Conference Funny

tonydefault-374×512.jpgThe Dallas Cowboys held a press conference today announcing that they signed Tony Romo to a $67 million deal.  A reporter asked Tony about being in LA last weekend and being seen with Britney Spears.  He downplayed it by saying that when you are the QB of the Dallas Cowboys it puts you in the spotlight, and if you are ever in the room with someone the press will automatically associate you with that person.  He went on to say that it happened last year with Jessica Simpson when in essence nothing happened.  Jerry then jumped in and commented, “But Tony, I’ll tell you one thing, they sure can smell fresh cash.”

Hopefully all Britney stories are false, especially this story from Ryan Seacrest.

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One Response to Romo Press Conference Funny

  1. Nathan S. says:

    I really like Romo as a quarterback, but his fondess for being on the red carpet sure makes me wonder.

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