Open Mic

I’m too busy to blog over here in Boston, so I thought I would try something new.

It’s Open Mic time at BON . . . feel free to sound off on whatever you desire.


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9 Responses to Open Mic

  1. Cowboys Homer says:

    The Secretary of Defense runs into the President’s bedroom and says ” Mr. President, 3 Brazilian soldiers have been killed in Iraq!”

    “That is terrible” replied the President. The President then asks the Secretary of Defense “How many is in a Brazillion again?”

    Thank you, I’ll be here all week. Don’t forget to tip you waitress.

  2. sistergeeding says:

    i miss my brother…
    and my doggies….
    tired of pneumonia…
    school is kicking my butt…
    fall is finally here and brother is still gone…
    only been cold for past two days…
    heard a fart joke and thought of brother…
    oh wait…
    open mic…
    not free online shrink…

    (exhales: HAAAAAHHHHH) this is uncomfortable….

  3. littlepastor says:

    What if there were no rhetorical questions?

  4. Warren says:

    I was walking in Boston Common once and a guy was playing Dancing Queen on a didjeridoo.

    It was Abbariginal!

  5. Darren says:

    Pirate goes into a bar and has a steering wheel on the front of his pants. The bartender looks, and says “Do you know you have a steering wheel on your pants?” “Arrrrgh” say the pirate;”And it’s driving me nuts!”

    Seacrest out…

  6. Rev. Hart says:

    Here is a picture of my dog, Sir Henry Hudson, floating on his raft.

  7. WifeGeeding says:

    I’m ready for my husband to come home!

  8. Doug says:

    I feel for you Keith. I travelled 34 of 52 weeks last year for biz. Let me say absence does make the heart grow fonder and you will enjoy your home that much more when you get back there. Travel safely pal and God’s speed.

  9. haymoose says:

    Enjoy your visit in New England, I was on the road for five years before I got married, it can be tough. It could be worse, however, imagine trying to interact with the locals if the Red Sox had lost. Everyone should be in a good mood for now…even NE Patriot fans. For now…

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