NFL Week 7 Recap


This week I was 10 of 14, which puts me 67/103 or 65% total, one percentage point higher than last week.  

Cardinals at Redskins – Correct
49ers at Giants – Correct
Patriots at Dolphins – Correct
Falcons at Saints – Correct
Ravens at Bills – Incorrect
Buccaneers at Lions – Incorrect
Titans at Texans – Correct
Chiefs at Raiders – Correct
Jets at Bengals – Correct
Rams at Seahawks – Correct
Vikings at Cowboys– Correct
Bears at Eagles – Incorrect
Steelers at Broncos – Incorrect
Colts at Jaguars – Correct

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2 Responses to NFL Week 7 Recap

  1. uncle to niece geeding says:

    You’re # 3 of how many?

  2. blurdo says:

    Well, there are ten of us in the BagofNothing Group. I haven’t really checked, but I bet none of us are doing to well in the overall standings. Still, the Geed seems to be doing well while I continue to plummet.

    Week 1
    The Geed 10th
    Gunners 6th

    Week 2
    The Geed 9th
    Gunners 6th

    Week 3
    The Geed 6th
    Gunners 3rd

    Week 4
    The Geed 3rd
    Gunners 5th

    Week 5
    The Geed 3th
    Gunners 6th

    Week 6
    The Geed 3th
    Gunners 8th

    Week 7
    The Geed 3th
    Gunners 8th

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