My new cube . . .


  • The ringer on my phone is the same ringer as the CTU ringer on 24. 
  • I sit away from everyone . . . I enjoy the solitude and peace and quiet.
  • It’s bigger.


  • I sit under some type of ventalation system that makes a noise as if a plane is taking off or landing about every 10 seconds and it’s driving me crazy.   I feel like my cube is next to the runway at DFW.  It’s time to crank up the headphones.
  • The printer, copier, breakroom, and restroom are very far away.
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6 Responses to My new cube . . .

  1. Doug says:

    Follow up questions…

    1) Does you computer face the cube entrance where your boss can see you blogging? That’s a huge drawback in my cube.

    2) What pics to you have up? I have my late mom and my son.

    Jeez I need to clean up my cube.

  2. Geeding says:

    I’m backing down from my old stance that I would not comment on any of my posts, so here it goes . . .

    My computer is at the very end of an island, and my manager’s cube is about 10 cubes down on the island behind me. I have a small mirror on my monitor that helps me know when someone is approaching. In terms of blogging, that’s all I did in my previous position because I wasn’t challenged in the least. Know I do the majority of my blogging at home. My readers are cheated because I don’t have the time to blog as I normally would and I’m not able to hit all the sources I would normally take a look at.

    For pictures that I have up, there are only two as of right now. One is of WifeGeeding holding a football on the center field star in Texas Stadium. The other pic is of David Hasselhoff and Gary Coleman standing in from of KITT circa 1985.

  3. Doug says:

    The Hasselhoff/Coleman/KITT picture has created a huge “?” hovering somewhere over my cube.

  4. Geeding says:

    It just makes me laugh. As a kid I really enjoyed those two shows, and now it makes me laugh just how cool I thought they were.

    KITT Hasselhoff Gary Coleman

  5. littlepastor says:

    The KITT picture is all the confirmation we ever needed for the ‘official’ nerd status of Sir Geeding.

  6. Doug says:

    It’s like Carl Weathers, Abraham Linclon and the Statue of Liberty at the end of Happy Gilmore. It’s just fun for no apparent reason!

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