Most Americans Take Well-Known Bible Stories at Face Value.

Americans may be skeptical about the claims of politicians, but they remain confident that some of the most amazing stories in the Bible can be taken at face value. A new nationwide survey conducted by The Barna Group shows that six well-known Bible stories are accepted as literal truth by an average of two out of three adults.

Survey respondents were asked if they thought a specific story in the Bible was “literally true, meaning it happened exactly as described in the Bible” or whether they thought the story was “meant to illustrate a principle but is not to be taken literally.” Six renowned Bible stories were then offered to adults for their consideration.

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And the six stories:

  1. Jesus rises from the dead.
  2. Daniel and the lion den.
  3. Moses parts the Red Sea.
  4. David and Goliath.
  5. Peter’s attempt at walking on water.
  6. God creates the universe in six days.

I beleive five of the six literally.

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3 Responses to Most Americans Take Well-Known Bible Stories at Face Value.

  1. David says:

    And which do you not believe literally?

  2. Rev. Hart says:

    There are several different genres of literature in the 66 books which comprise the Bible. None of those genres is scientific, and isn't "literal truth" a presumptuous phrase?

  3. Nathan S. says:

    Why stop at just 1!?

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