Kickin’ it Jesus style in God’s ‘dojo’

001p1_lg.jpgMark Pedersen’s Tae Kwon Do students learn how to block, kick, punch and basically everything one would expect to be instructed in a martial arts dojo. But they also learn one other aspect at Might for Right Ministries that probably not too many martial arts experts place into training: The teachings of Jesus Christ.

“Jesus taught us to turn the other cheek when we are insulted,” Pedersen said. “I teach self-defense and that we should never be confrontational unless it is a last resort. I teach my students to walk away from confrontation if possible.

“I am not teaching my students how to go around and beat others up.”

Pedersen, the new pastor of First United Methodist Church in Vidor, has been incorporating martial arts into his ministry in some form or fashion everywhere the UMC organization has sent him.

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