Isabella The Rat Princess (A portrait collection)


Children and pets make wonderful portrait studies.But remember that great care should be taken during the photo sessions to insure a safe situation. Some general safety guidelines are:

Always have a second person with you to give you assistance. It isn’t wise to try to handle the camera, the child, and the animal alone.

Always wash the childs hands and face to ensure that the pet won’t smell food odors and attempt to lick or nip the child thinking he is being offered a snack. It is best to keep any animals away from the faces of small children.

Always make the sessions quick. Children and animals aren’t the most patient subjucts. Fatigue and crankiness can lead to injury. Several “short and sweet” sessions will be less stressful for everyone.

Always make sure that the child and the animal involved are calm and good natured. Be responsible and safe during any photo sessions. Don’t forget to get parental permission if the child is not yours and to have the parent at the photo shot if at all possible.


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  1. carolyn says:

    Yes, indeed. Stick a rat into the face of your precious little infant and get those snapshots! Then call the child protection authorities and turn yourself in, thus saving your neighbors the trouble.

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