Interested in Saddam’s old stuff?

An unprecedented and unique opportunity has arisen to purchase some of the most valuable and infamous possessions in modern day history, which are showcased throughout this web site and are being auctioned.

Gifts to Saddam Hussein and some of his personal possessions are being auctioned by Haitham Rashid Wihaib, former Iraqi Chief of Protocol for Saddam Hussein.

Saddam Hussein’s possessions include his personal silver cigarette case that was given to him as a reward for killing his first man, his personal Rolex watch that was made for him on special order which is made of gold, diamonds and saphire, the pen that was used to sign the death warrants of 66 members of the Ba’ath Party, his personal prayer beads, the sunglasses he wore when on the desert front in the Iran-Iraq war and more.


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