Gas Tank Talk

I was told at lunch today you can find out what side your gas tank is on by looking at the gas guage on your dash. 

For instance, if the icon’s hose is on the left, then you would fill up your tank on the left side.  I wonder if this is true?


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6 Responses to Gas Tank Talk

  1. uncle to niece geedi says:

    My tank is on the right, and the indicator is on the left side of the display. But the indicator is on the right side of the circle. hmph.

  2. iwear2020 says:

    I used to rent cars weekly and most times it was not the same brand of car so that makes me somewhat of an expert. The guage has an arrow and that represents which side the tank is on.

  3. Doug says:

    Nope…not true. The F-150 has been the best-selling vehicle in the United States for 23 years and the best-selling truck for 30 years

    The fill is right behind my driver door but the hose on my icon is on the right. I had to go out to my driveway and check. 🙂

  4. Chris O' says:

    I drive a Ford Western Hauler. Since you’re from Texas, you know what that is. I have a 60 gallon tank behind the cab of the truck and two ‘left side’ tanks on the bed. My gauge is on the left side of the dash. Since it’s a special made truck from 2L Trucks, I guess mine would be correct to your thinking, left side tanks.

  5. MToots says:

    To UTNG……if you would drive an American made car you might not be in such a conundrum!! (Spelling?)

  6. carolyn says:

    Assuming you see well enough to drive, get out of the car, walk around it, and observe whether the opening to fill the gas tank is on the driver’s side or the passenger side. If that is the worst problem you have to solve this decade, you are having a good decade. 🙂

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