Couple tie knot – 40s style

th1_17920074940s-wedding.jpgA COUPLE’S fantasy wedding came true when the clock was turned back more than 60 years.

Jo Rowell and Tony Cox’s dreams came true when they were married 1940s style, complete with a World War Two backdrop.

Hartlepool Town Hall Theatre, in Raby Road, was transformed as the pair said their vows in full authentic period gear.

Tony, 45, donned a lieutenant officer’s uniform and Jo, 41, wore a stunning white silk dress that she made herself.

More than 100 guests also dressed in keeping with the theme – many ladies donning fur shoulder capes, berets and feather hats.

A blackout marked the beginning of the ceremony and the silence was broken by the sounds of Neville Chamberlain announcing war on Germany.

The ceremony also included the sounds of sirens and Lancaster bombers flying overhead.

Spotlights lit up a trench scene in Normandy complete with a silhouette of an American soldier going over the top and glider planes above.

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