Church member who died in plane crash accused of scamming people out of several million dollars

After Derrich Pollock died in a plane crash in Lago Vista in February, the 43-year-old father of four was compared with Jesus.

“Derrich was most like Jesus in that he gave,” the funeral program at Great Hills Baptist Church in Northwest Austin said of the man who attended weekly Bible studies and flew relief supplies to hurricane victims.

But since his death, lawsuits have flooded the probate court in Austin claiming that what Pollock really did was take.

Sixty-two lawsuits have been filed against Pollock’s estate, his wife and a few of his friends, painting a portrait of a man who used his charm to bilk friends and fellow believers out of millions of dollars. Most of the suits say he used a scheme called System Five involving big promises and enormous amounts of life insurance that he began buying in 2004.

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5 Responses to Church member who died in plane crash accused of scamming people out of several million dollars

  1. Toye Gordon says:

    The family of Derrich Pollock has asked for a full investigation by the FBI and the district attorneys office as well as local authorities.


    Someone must ask the question of who the insurance money was ear marked to go to. If you want to know who the scam artist was, ask who was last person with him, ask who did the final saftey check with Derrich and then look at who had Derrich insured for over one million dollars. It was certianlly not his wife or his family!

    Some of the guys who shared Derrich’s office with him have the money in overseas bank accounts. Which guy in Derrich’s office went to the Cayman Islands the day after the funeral when the family asked him to delay his trip? Who went to Mexico the following Monday. You want to know where the money went? Follow the players that sacraficed Derrich. And yes, he was like Jesus in many ways!

  2. ben conned says:

    Sorry Sis……your bro was the biggest and best con man ever. You should have attended the pleadings and the hearings. There was no money to go get. Bro and wife had spent it all. Bro had lost a lot of it messing around with Erxleben. Bro was even Ponzied himself twice. Not sure what happens to dead people that take money from old and sick people while promising and even showing on paper magnificent returns on their money. Glad I do not have to judge that one. Anyway, keep your memories the way you want to. But do not put this crap on the internet. The 115 families that Pollock scammed do not want to see it.

  3. jeff Cardwell says:

    Because of Derrich ,Rod Watkins,Steve Watkins,and all those other so called brothers in the Lord,I lost my wife, children,home,and my christian witness,to the people i told about Derrich,being this great man of God.My dad who is in prison kept asking me is there any connection to Erxleben,i said no these are real christians a tool in the toolbox of God,(ugh).My dad spent time with Erxleben and warned me that it sounded just like his scam,but no these were christian men. These men will probably spend eterinty in a lake of fire,and all their money will not even be able to buy them a cup of water.Has anyone thanked Ron Moyer for getting the attorney who through a wrench in the wifes plan to run off with the insursnce money.

  4. dereck says:

    in every way but he never died for the sins of the world… loved everyone unconditionally and didnt try to scam ppl out of money by being DISHONEST… because if i remember correctly Jesus never broke a commandment….. including the thou shalt not bear false witness… or dont lie…

  5. The Wife says:

    Wow, to set the record straight, you people need to know the facts and not hide behind false names. Do not accuse others of things you know nothing about. FYI the investors have been paid 115% of their investment back which is unheard of in these kinds of things. Usually they are only able to receive pennies on the dollar for what they invested. A few of the investors admitted to greed and to knowing they could lose the money and chose to participate anyway. What a gracious act of God that they were permitted to be made whole financially in this. The wife did not spend all of any money and had no plans to run off with all the insurnace proceeds. She does feel Derrich paid with his life for what was then used to pay investors back and thinks it is most unfortunate that any of this happened. She and the kids had nothing to do with any of this and look forward to God righting all of this one day.

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