Boston Thoughts

  • Two weeks is a long time away from home.
  • I could kill for a chicken-fried steak.
  • A fridge in my room would be great.
  • Recently I had lunch with a manager who happens to be a homosexual Wiccan priest.  His partner flew up for the weekend and they are driving up to Salem for a visit.  It was a very interesting conversation as he was very open about his faith and lifestyle.  When you are forced to work in the ‘real world’ you are forced to interact with people of all backgrounds.
  • I think I’ve inadvertently developing a Boston accent.  For instance, I accidently pronounced ‘water’ with an ‘ah’ – as in ‘watah’.  Soon I will be Mayor Quimby.
  • One popular word around here is “wicked.”  It’s used to emphasize something is good or cool.  As in, “that’s wicked awesome.” 
  • You can’t find white gravy anywhere.
  • Boston has over 50 colleges and universities.
  • Women in Texas are sooooo much better looking.
  • I wish DFW had a better rail or public transportation system.
  • My peers in Boston have suggested a plethora of things to do in Boston.  If they were to ask me what to do in DFW for fun, I don’t think I could suggest anything.
  • Boston is truely America’s walking city – my feet hurt.
  • Because of commuter rails, there are a lot of hand rails.  Because there are a lot of hand rails, a plethora of hands touch those rails every day.  There’s no telling where everyone’s hands have been, which is kinda gross when you think about it.
  • I found out the JFK Library was dedicated in 1979.  That surprised me as I would have thought it would have been dedicated/built somewhere around 5-7 years after his death.
  • The tour guide of the JFK Library told the crowd that RFK became Attorney General of the U.S. at the age of 29; however, the display on the wall said 35.  Either way, that’s pretty young.
  • Someone at the JFK Library asked me where I was from, I have to admit it was a little awkward saying I was from Dallas.
  • The only mention of JFK’s death in his library is a short hallway with the date of his death and several small televisions on the wall with about four minutes of historical news footage with Cronkite and his burial – and no, John-John saluting was not part of it.
  • There are many JFK memorials around the world, but the one that caught my attention is the one acre of land that England donated to the American people.
  • Irish pubs are fun.
  • A breakfast burrito or taquito would be great right about now.
  • I’m wicked tired of hearing about Boston sports.
  • It’s wicked hot here right now.  I wish it was much colder, or that I packed some shorts.
  • The sun rises really fast here, and I mean really fast.  In Texas the dark slowly disappears and eventually the sun comes up.  In Boston, you see a little light and then all of a sudden the sun is fully visable.  I have to admit it’s cool my workout facility faces over the ocean as I can see the sun rise right from the ocean.
  • Bostonians cuss a lot in public, not to mention they smoke a lot.
  • When I was a college student in Abilene there was a weatherman named Buzz Lopez.  Now he is a weatherman here in Boston.  What’s funny is that a former roommate of mine use to date him (he’s gay) and they both moved to Indiana for a while, then Buzz cheated on him if I recall correctly.
  • Street performances are entertaining.
  • The oldest restaurant in continuous service in the U.S. is the Union Oyster House, and they were the first place in which toothpicks were used in the U.S.  Link  It is also a very busy busy place.
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  1. Bone says:

    Jimi dated the local Abilene weather man?


  2. MToots says:

    Sounds like you are about ready to return home. But, you have a lot of additions to your memory book! I think a trip to Babe’s is in your NEAR future!?

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