Andrew Siciliano

His ears stick out further than any other ears I’ve ever seen.

He hosts Direct TV’s NFL Ticket Sunday Ticket’s Red Zone channel, and he does a fantastic job and I really enjoy his work; but everytime I see him I can’t take my eyes off his ears.


The above pic is a screen grab from my TV, but I did notice when I did a Google image search on him all you can find is side profiles.

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3 Responses to Andrew Siciliano

  1. Augusto Salamanca says:

    He does a great job, but I think one ear is bigger than the other one.

  2. mark in kokomo says:

    who cares about his ears? He’s a good dude with talent.

  3. Iron Man says:

    Yeah I have same problem.I try to look at something else, but I can't! Somebody in another blog posted that he had cauliflower ear lmao. I am pretty sure the one ear just sticks out more, because cauliflower ear is when the ear is puffed up or enlarged due to fluid build up or fluid hardening the ear due to repitious wrestling or BJJ training. He def. is just writer/actor/reporter and I don't see him being a wrestler or fighter in his past. Although for being ESPN analyst it's hard to find a bio about him.

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