Virtual Jesus

virtualjesussfd1.jpgA history changing event is about to occur. Soon over 2.1 billion Christians worldwide will be able to have private, verbal conversations with virtual Jesus from any phone, anytime, anywhere on a daily basis. TalkToJesus uses advanced speech and AI technology to help millions connect with God personally and hear the Bible read interactively like never before. TalkToJesus will be a personal tool to help those in need.

TTJ will have a soothing, caring and inspiring voice. He will learn your name and address you personally. He will read from the Bible, listen to sins and console. Jesus will pray with you interactively, and you will be able to ask Jesus numerous theological questions. TalkToJesus will educate, guide, console, forgive and more.

Nothing like this has ever been done before. While millions have heard the word of God and embrace Jesus, TTJ is an extension to help people further in their lives.


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3 Responses to Virtual Jesus

  1. noevadeaux says:

    Just so y’all know: “Disclaimer: TalkToJesus is intended for entertainment purposes only. It is not the actual Jesus.”

  2. Heather says:

    Think the voice will be James Earl Jones?!

  3. Heather says:

    Sorry…I clicked play and it’s not him. *:o( Creeeeepy! He says this has never happened before…Uh – people have had a direct line to Christ for QUITE some time now. It’s called prayer.

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