This is seriously going to interrupt my football viewing



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8 Responses to This is seriously going to interrupt my football viewing

  1. anonymous says:

    I hate idiots. Especially idiots like these trying to scare people into religion

  2. ANON#2 says:


  3. shae says:

    You are correct. Jesus Christ did have a horribly color schemed website that preached His story and at the end tried to sell you something. Having read the entire site and then noticing the ad for buying her book I’ve come to the conclusion that using Jesus and preying on people’s faith just to make a buck is not the way to escape the Rapture of 2007.

  4. Heather says:

    I heard Christ is supposed to come back within 70 years after Israel became a nation…so it’s coming!

  5. anonymous says:

    If you choose to join a religion it should be for, in my opinion, personal growth, enlightenment, etc. Not because some says you will suffer in the Rapture of 2007 and buy my book.

  6. ANON#2 says:

    Hi Shae. Very astute. Of course I was referring to Jesus’ website making abilities. Take the website out of your comment and you have described Jesus to a T. He preached and sold salvation in the form of treachery and threats of hell. If you’re a Christian, you probably don’t see it that way…but I do.

    I’m only ANON#2 because a)anonymous was taken, and b)I don’t want you to know who to pray for.

  7. noevadeaux says:

    I guess things such as this are why I profess my agnosticism. I think The Golden Rule should pretty much do it for everyone. But who am I to say?

  8. Shawn says:

    Of course the Rapture if just one theory of the end times. One I find unbiblical but entertaining for people like Tim Lahay and that other Left Behind guy. I think it is also an excuse for Christians to be lazy in fulfilling the Great Commision. But that’s just me.

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