The words of God are made flesh

denzelreadingbibles.jpgHow do you find a voice for God — one that conveys command and compassion, law and love, and never reminds you of someone pitching phone books or playing some unsavory character on screen?

Last year the company producing The Bible Experience: New Testament, read entirely by black celebrity voices, cast Samuel L. Jackson as God.

Now, Inspired By … Media Group is back with an Old Testament edition, set to go on sale in November as both a separate audio edition and part of the 72-CD “Complete Bible” edition.

Casting director Robi Reed filled more than 800 roles with 334 voices, including Oscar winners Forest Whitaker as Moses, Cuba Gooding Jr., as Jonah, and Denzel Washington reading the love poetry of the Song of Songs with his wife, Pauletta. There are numerous Emmy winners, dozens of Grammy-winning singers, athletes and renowned clergy such as Bishop T. D. Jakes.

“In using all African and African-American voices, we did something that hadn’t been done before, bringing the Bible to people in a way that feels hip and edgy and uses the most celebrated talent from all directions to deliver the universal word of God,” Reed says.

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