Tecmo Bowl returning in 2008

tecmobowlasfdas.gifIn 2008, the Tecmo Bowl series will return, but Tecmo won’t tell us how just yet. The company teased a new installment in the hard-hitting sports franchise at an event in Japan today, but they only showed a logo and promised the game would be arriving on a surprising platform that we didn’t expect — maybe a handheld? Nothing else about the “new” Tecmo Bowl was announced at the event, but if you’ll recall, Tecmo’s promised a new Tecmo Bowl game in the past and never delivered — they announced something similar years ago for the last set of platforms, but the game never materialized.


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2 Responses to Tecmo Bowl returning in 2008

  1. nathan says:

    Me and my brother absolutely loved this game.

  2. HayMoose says:

    Perhaps it will be on the Wii? Who would expect that?

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