Preppy is back in full swing

pj-ak605b_pjfas_20070718205309.jpegThis should make my friends Jimi and John happy.

Club ties. Lilly Pulitzer. Pants and belts embroidered with little whales or sailboats. Jack Rogers sandals.

Preppy is back in full swing. Not just the understated khakis-and-white-polo kind of preppy. This is a time of loud pink and lime — for men.

The new preppy is much like the style chronicled in 1980’s “The Official Preppy Handbook,” but with some new twists.

WSJ Article

And the following website has some funny preppy stuff along with a music video.


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3 Responses to Preppy is back in full swing

  1. Rev. Hart says:

    This photograph doesn't look "ironic" to me at all. As you know, I work with prep school students in the northeast and run a program at our campus on Martha's Vineyard. In fact, the company Vineyard Vines, mentioned in the article, was started by some alumni of our organization. This is right up my alley!

    And by the way, preppy didn't just "come back" – for the northeast upper class, it never went away at all.

  2. jamie says:

    umm i got to public school in a large city called buffalo and everybody wears plaid shorts and polo’s 2 years ago they didn’t

    80’s are back and you need to embrace it

  3. preppy boston girl says:

    well sorry jamie but i would like to say that if they go to a public school in new york they aren’t preppy

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