poopdontstinkafda.jpgImagine this:  You are dating someone new.  He/she invites you to a romantic, home-cooked dinner at his/her place.  After dinner, the curry he/she took the time to make for you is not sitting well.  What do you do?

Or imagine this:  It’s five minutes until your 9:00 a.m. board meeting.  The coffee you had to wake you up starts to churn.  You enter the restroom and see a bunch of your co-workers gabbing.  What do you do?

Poof it!  Just a few drops of this liquid deodorizer in the toilet water and a translucent seal traps your odors in the water, releasing a refreshing scent of Japanese Mint to fill the air!  Created for the sophisticated and bathroom conscious, Poof is packaged in an appealing yet discreet bottle that easily slips into your purse, pocket, or the palm of your hand.

One drop of Poof will forever change the way you do your business!


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