N.Y. Bar Serves Bottled Water For $55

It’s not the first thing you think of when you think of bars, but the new drink of choice is also the oldest drink of choice.

Water is the latest trend when it comes to taste and a bit of marketing.

Glass, plastic, carbonated, non carbonated, high mineral content … no, it’s not a fancy drink or a fine wine. Diane Felicissimo is talking about the latest craze — water.

It’s a business making a splash. Americans spent more last year on bottled water than on iPods and movie tickets — a whopping $15 billion.

Via Genova, a water bar in Chappaqua, N.Y. , is cashing in on the craze, stocking water bottles that look more like collectors items.

“I have probably close to 80 different types of waters,” owner Felicissimo said.

This luxury water comes from all over the world and contains magnesium, calcium and even potassium. One brand, “10 thousand B.C.” is a top seller at $30 per bottle.

“They get it from British Columbia, Canada,” Felicissimo said. “It’s a three-day journey by yacht to get to their water source.”

If you want some “Bling H2O,” plan on paying an amazing $55 for less than a liter.


Yet some folks would do anything for water . . .


Water Is Basic

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