My Bible Community Got Sturminated

sturmgeeding.jpgYesterday my Bible Community at Irving Bible Church got the unique opportunity to have sports radio 1310 The Ticket’s Bob Sturm of BaD Radio come talk to our class.  In short, he’s a Christian that works in a very non-Christian atmosphere, since The Ticket is more guy radio than sports radio.  And people like me listen to this radio station non-stop.

It was a real blessing to hear him be interviewed by one of our pastors and hear him talk about his very conservative upbringing, to his life at Liberty University, to moving from the 166th radio market to 5th radio market in the country in one jump, and how his faith is sometimes made fun of and what he does to try to walk the walk and talk the talk when given the opportunity.  How conservative was his upbringing?  Liberty was considered liberal – yikes!.

Also, I ran into my pastor at dinner while wearing my ‘Bono is my pastor’ t-shirt.  He smiled at me and I told him that he (Pastor Andy) was really my pastor, and he responded, “Bono actually is a real talented pastor.”

I love my church.

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    Dang i didnt realize Bob was so tall

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