Light Speed Bible Released as Answer to Busy Lives

ltspdbibc1.jpegA new version of the Bible promises busy people to speed read the whole book just 24 hours. The new “Light Speed Study Bible” has a speed-reading approach with a contemporary version to help readers read through the whole Bible in no time.

The Light Speed Bible, which uses the Holman Christian Standard translation, is edited by William Proctor, graduate of Harvard Law School and former copy editor of New York, and published by Broadman & Holman Publishers. The Light Speed Bible does not leave out anything from the original Scriptures, according to editor Proctor.

Proctor says the idea is to empower people to read every word of the Bible fast, yes, but to understand it, too. He said studies show that factual comprehension increases for readers using speed techniques.

Key verses of the new edition have been underlined and the usual subheads have been inserted twice. Proctor’s plan is for readers to first scan a text at just five seconds a page. Then they go back and read mostly subheads and underlined words. Then they return for a third go-over. He calls the steps Light Speed, Landmark Speed and Learning Speed. Using this method, he aims for readers to reach 800 to 900 words per minute. An optional fourth step is a meditative speed, Proctor said.

According to Proctor, the Light Speed Bible is not to replace devotional reading, but getting through reading the whole Bible will enhance a reader’s study later on.

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