Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside

For some reason the topic of Green Acres popped up today at work.  I was surprised to find out how many of my coworkers really disliked the show.  As a child that show cracked me up.  As an adult, I can now see some humor I didn’t see as a child; such as Mr Douglas always wearing a three piece suit when farming and eveyone else had overalls.

Other thoughts:

  • The whole notion that a phone couldn’t be installed in the house because the phone company ran out of wire and that Mr. Douglas had to climb the telephone pole to make calls still cracks me up.
  • American male marries foreign lady who speaks with a thick accent and brings her to the states.  This reminded me of my folks, which is one reason why I think I liked this show.
  • I’ve ran into a lot of Mr. Haney’s in my day.
  • I think Sam Drucker was gay.
  • In real life, Eb became a preacher, but before becomming an actor he earned a BA in Chemistry and Biology and actually attended graduate school.  Link
  • Saying Hooterville makes me chuckle.

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One Response to Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside

  1. Doug says:

    I wasn't a big Green Acres fan but still use the telephone analogy when I can't get a good cellular signal. (ie. "Do I have to climb a telephone pole to get a signal around here. But hey, wasn't Green Acres a spin off of Pettycoat Junction? Those girls made my young pants go crazy.

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