It was a bit surreal

I’ve been listening to a certain sports radio station in the DFW area for about six or seven years now.  I guess you can really call it more ‘guy radio’ than ‘sports radio’.  It’s sports and all that may apply.

There is one radio personality on that station that has always intriqued me.  He comes from a very conservative Christian family, and even attended Liberty University.  You know, the one Jerry Falwell founded.  Yet he works in the public spot light at a place one could consider crude, a bit perverse, and a little crass.  I’ve always admired how his gentle Christian witness and his ability to take a teasing about his faith from his fellow radio personalities.

I can remember several years back when he invited his producer, who happens to be agnostic, to join a church ice-hockey league.  Both of them shared about their experience together on the radio, and it was really interesting hearing how a non-Christian perceived things.  It was quite revealing.

As many of you know, I’m the director of a Bible Community (BC) at my church.  I thought I would take a chance and ask this radio personality if he would like to speak to my BC.  After emailing back and forth for several months, we finally set a date to meet with one of my pastors this week.

The meeting was a bit surreal.  Here is a guy I’ve been listening to for entertainment purposes for the past six or seven years, and now I’m interacting with the guy that is only sitting a few feet away.  It was like one of those dreams in which you are having a conversation with a character from your favorite TV show or something.  It was just surreal; however, it was one of the most pleasant conversations I’ve ever had.

I was afraid he was going to feel pressured into meeting with us and think we were beating him down.  But it turns out it was the complete opposite.  He was not only upbeat speaking to us after getting off the air just 30 minutes prior, but he was thankful for us asking him to share about his faith.  He just asked that he wouldn’t have to give a speech, that we make it more of an interview format.  I’m thinking it will be a little like James Lipton interviewing someone on Inside The Actors Studio.  It will be neat to ask him if he ever felt that he was compromising his Christian faith when doing a live spot at Hooters, reading an advertisement for Miller Lite, or if there was ever anything he refused to do that the radio station may have asked.  I’m really interested to know what the audience will ask him.  This should be a really cool experience.

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4 Responses to It was a bit surreal

  1. Forney David says:

    I went to church with Bob Sturminator and can share with you that he is a very pleasant, unassuming, humble person in and out of church. His wife taught our preschooler in Sunday School and is just as friendly as he is. He is one of the only reasons my wife will let me listen to the Ticket and I am thankful to him for that. When he is at your gathering please tell him that there are plenty of Christian Ticket listeners that applaud him when he stands up for his morals. He also has a very good sports blog at
    I love your blog! I read it every day!!

  2. littlepastor says:

    Sounds like it’ll be a great time. Ask him how he relates baby arm to his Christian walk?

  3. BSG says:

    Did he happen to catch a glance at a pretty girl off to the side and mumble, “Hey, now” ?

    What a cool experience. If I had Gordon Keith across the table from me, I think I’d start giggling like a school girl. Or something like that.

    Have good and get give.

  4. carolyn says:

    I’m finally closing in what your true calling:may be: Preacherman who is for some reason also interested in the rotting process of a pig’s head. (sorry, I could not bear to open that link.the other day). Preacherman plus napkin folding expert is more my speed.

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