He’s Played Jesus Longer Than Jesus Lived On Earth

jcsuperstarssdfa.jpgAnyone in the theatre can tell you about the extraordinary lengths some actors will go to put themselves into the lives of the characters they play. Imagine playing the role of Jesus — and not just for a week, or a month but for 36 years. That’s what actor Ted Neeley, a former rock musician , has been doing, performing the title role in “Jesus Christ Superstar.” Now, this is not a story about how someone has found Jesus, but rather how someone who portrays him has been affected by that role.

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One Response to He’s Played Jesus Longer Than Jesus Lived On Earth

  1. Heather says:

    AH! It’s the creepy guy from the opratic rock movie! The one with the lazy eye!

    “It is dealing with those last few moments of the man who is transcending humanity into God and questioning every move that he makes. because he knows his time is running out. and he feels he hasn’t accomplished what he came here to do.”

    “Human, yes. His relationship with Mary Magdalene, for example, is sensual, almost earthy.”

    WHAT?! The truths on why I’ve always questioned this movie come out!

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