Fugitive elephants corralled

I can picture it now . . . A good friend drops you off after a night of heavy drinking and you find three elephants in your yard eating the shrubs and flowers you just planted. 

Three Asian elephants escaped from a circus in Newmarket early this morning, and ambled through a nearby residential area before they were safely rounded up.

Circus trainers and York Region police used cars to help round up the trio of fugitives who were spotted on Eagle St., near Yonge St. and Davis Dr., at around 3 a.m.

The elephants, performing at the Ray Twinney Complex with the Garden Bros. Circus, ambled several hundred metres towards Yonge St., munching on shrubs and taste-testing flowers.

“Apparently, they’re not kept in cages, but have a rope around their foot amongst the trailers,” said Const. Lindsay Newlove.

No one was injured in the speedy takedown.

“They rounded them up pretty quick,” said Newlove. “I guess they’re well-trained elephants.”

The road was blocked, the animals were corralled and soon put back to work.


(Thanks, Heather!)

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  1. Heather says:

    “the animals were corralled and soon put back to work.” Animal activist?

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