Christian Guide to Small Arms

The Christian’s Guide to Small Arms was developed in response to the fact that most American Christians have fallen into ignorance concerning the responsibilities and skills required of the Christian freeman. CGSA is not intended to be THE definitive source on this subject, but rather a primer for the Christian who is beginning to reject the false theology that requires him to be a pacifistic patsy in the face of heathen hordes.



If small arms are a bit much, how about Christian Paintball?

Christian paintball park provides friendly fire

It’s called Promised Land.

Pastors, church youth leaders and mostly believers from Great Lakes states come here to bond and battle.

Every Canadian-made green paintball that stings you like the end of a wet towel, does so with the grace of tiny Christian fish symbols printed on their shell.

“I’ve looked in the Bible, and can’t find anything wrong with paintball,” reasons Andy Leong, a 48-year-old Chicago marketing executive who’s come to celebrate the birthday of his 13-year-old son, Luke. “In fact, the Bible is filled with combat as a topic.”


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  1. littlepastor says:

    So Punk! Are you prepared to die!

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