Chemical Burns From Flip Flops?

A woman from Florida claims to have purchased some flip flops from Walmart, put them on her feet… only to suffer some sort of severe chemical burn along the lines where the straps of the flip flop met her feet.



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5 Responses to Chemical Burns From Flip Flops?

  1. Frankie says:

    We always have those flip flops in our house and we never had chemical burns on our feet and we have them in every color

  2. Sheilagh says:

    Is it not possible that this was a severe allergic reaction…say an allergy to rubber ?

  3. Katie says:

    Hey, that woman from florida has a website you know and she also did multiple of rubber allergy tests and ALL came back negative. It could possibly be that a batch or more like TWO tons got tainted with some severe chemicals and caused some people to react in a violent and sccaring way. You bimbos just got lucky so you better thank your lucky stars you didn’t end up with scared feet. You can visit her website at :

  4. Katie says:

    Oh and bye the way, there were OVER 200 estimated cases of these killer flip flops so you’d better watch your back *nincompoop*

  5. Daniel Holland says:

    Those are definately chemical burns. I should know. I work in a burn unit in a hospital. Treated quite a few of these sorts of burns in my lifetime.

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