America’s 50 Most Influential Churches

These churches are recommended by other church leaders as congregations that represent the passion and sense of mission mandated in the New Testament. They do not all share the same view of all biblical doctrine, their recognition came from others, and they do not view themselves as better than other churches. Each just considers itself as a church wanting to be pleasing and useful to God and their understanding of His mandates to them.  

1 Willow Creek Community Church
South Barrington, IL
Bill Hybels

2 Saddleback
Lake Forest, Calif.
Rick Warren

3 Fellowship Church
Grapevine, Texas
Ed Young

4 North Point Church
Alpharetta, Ga.
Andy Stanley

5 Life Church
Edmond, Okla.
Craig Groeschel

6 Granger Community Church
Granger, Ind.
Mark Beeson

7 Lakewood Church
Houston, Texas
Joel Osteen

8 Mars Hill Church
Seattle, Wash.
Mark Driscoll

9 The Potter’s House
Dallas, Texas
T.D. Jakes

10 Seacoast Church
Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
Greg Surratt

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A total of eight are in Texas, with one of them just a five minute drive from my house.

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  1. Heather says:

    Have you visited it to see if it’s just as wonderful as the site says?

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